Prosperitys Birth Companion  

Antenatal Appointment Companion 

Are you feeling anxious about your first appointment, no one to go with or scared about the language barriers? We can attend all your appointments to make you feel at ease.    

Helping prepare for birth 

Regular wellbeing check up  

Whether you want to catch up in the comfort of your home, or over lunch, it can be arranged weekly for a few hours.

During labour 

Standing by your side, holding your hand when your bundle of joy arrives. 

Baby’s first feed

Supporting mothers with the new transition, breastfeeding or bottle feeding.

Baby attachment 

Signpost women to relevant services

Encourage women to use spaces that matter in the community 

Social meet up


weekly drop in social coming soon 

We are only a phone call and email away when you need us. We are here for you.



Celebrate our birthday 


Maternal mental health 


Conference full of health professionals and workshops 

Coming soon 

Workshop  Pre/postnatal

Monthly Pampering  

Once a month we will gather in a comfortable place to socialise and let our hair down. It will be a confidential but also a warm space to talk and share advice.

Fitness and nutrition

weekly drop in social coming soon

We do not 

Domestic and clinical tasks

We do not carry out any domestic tasks nor are we qualified to perform any clinical tasks. 

Make decisions for you 

We can't make decisions for you, speak to the staff on your behalf or project any of our beliefs unto you, all we can do is advice and share our experiences.