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Prosperitys is a Maternal Wellbeing Social Enterprise, founded in 2018, designed to empower Black South Asian pregnant women by offering practical and emotional support, to reduce the risk of developing maternal mental illness and becoming socially isolated.

All pregnant women need support. 

Having a baby should be a delightful experience planned or unplanned. We offer a positive experience of giving birth and caring for your newborn baby.

Prosperitys wants all mums to have a positive birth journey. 

supportive network system of positive mother

Helping you bond with your baby in the first few months of motherhood

Offering a range of tailored free services to accommodate all your need. 

Support you all through your pregnancy, birth and beyond

Prosperitys Trust CIC

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Prosperitys is a non profitable community interest company. Prosperitys is legally required to reinvest all their profits into the work they for the community.